House for the Aged and Infirm- Chunangamvely

House for the Aged and Infirm is located in Chunangamveli of Aluva, Kerala, South India, is an acknowledged institution of SD Congregation in providing, geriatric support, health services and personalized treatment, care and for the old age destitute. This was inaugurated on 19th march 1927. The home for the aged and infirm is the first institute of the congregation of the sisters of the destitute. It is the first of its kind in Kerala. It is considered as one of the actualized dreams of our Founder Servant of God Rev. Fr. Varghese Payyappilly, to take care of abandoned people without cast creed and sex. Now here more than 100 inmates spend their days in prayers, entertainments & mutual relations. Sisters show their kindness and commitment through the selfless actions and presence through caring the old age destitute. more
Anandhabhavan- Kurinjikodu

Anandhabhavan is located in Kurinjikodu, Kodanadu, Kerala. SD sisters started the center on 1st November 1977 in the property which is donated by Rev .Fr.Joseph Pulikkanal from Cheranelloor parish. In the initial period the house was opened for very poor uneducated small children as child care centre without any formalities of a school due to certain difficulties. Later sisters had constructed a new building at Kodanadu On 1st Sept 1991. The same day itself the old ladies from Malayattoor poor home was brought to Anadhabavan and as a center still it stands for poor needy unwanted old ladies. more
Bethzaitha- Konthuruthy

Bethsaida, Rehabilitation center for the orthopedically handicapped is located in Konthuruthy of Thevara, Kochi. This institution is the fulfillment of the congregation of the Sisters of the Destitute. The congregation had been planning since many years to start a home for the physically challenged girls in the birth place of the founder of the congregation of the sisters of the destitute the servant of God Fr. Varghese Payyapilly. This was established in 1990 is to provide rehabilitation and occupational training for orthopedically handicapped girls from the poorer section of the society. The admission is given only to girls hailing from poor families, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. more
Good Hope- Fort Kochi

Good hope is an institution which gives hope to the poor roam around without any shelter, any relation or friends from different casts & nationality. The institution established when the corporation initiated for the beggars eradication programme in the Kochin city then all the beggars were rehabilitated in different institutions around the city. SD Sisters from St.Marys’ Province had taken the challenge to work for them, when Mr. Rajan who was the Dist. Collector requested to take care of those abandoned old people. Good hope was inaugurated on 25th October 1990. more
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