Geriatic Care

In collaboration with Help Age India, Suhruth Sadan helps 500 old age people in their holistic development. It helps the elderly to be more happy and blissful in their autumn years. Also it has formed 13 ESHGs in Chunangamveli and 7 Groups in Thammanam. As Geriatric care and support it also provides;

From the very beginning Suhruth Sadan has paid special attention to the elderly people. The centre has formed senior citizens’ clubs in almost all the sub centers. Suhruth Sadan stretches its hands meaningfully to many poor and destitute elders through sponsor- A – Granny Programme.

In collaboration with CHAI (Catholic Health Association of India) gets the assistance of Lillian foundation to assist the physically challenged persons for their treatment, study and self employment. Currently 150 beneficiaries get its assistance through Suhruth Sadan.
Souhruda sparsham

The Children of HIV affected parents who are fully exempted from the HIV virus gets financial assistance for their educational purposes. Altogether 55 students get the benefits from 4 Districts. This project runs only through the benevolent contribution of local people.



Old age is known as the returning to the childhood. People like to be more happy and relaxed in their old age days with their family members and friends but situations intervene in their lives. In collaboration with Rotary club the institution has taken the initiative of Geriatric Park. In the history of Kerala it is a first pioneering step to start a park for old age people. The institution plays a vital role in the planning and implementation stages of the park. It also provides the services like;

One of the main objectives of Suhruth Sadan is the upliftment of the uneducated girls who are economically behind. Thus the centre provides different types of training programmes for adolescent Girls Like;

In search of new ministries of destituteness, in collaboration with aluva Police station and women cell and helpline started Night shelter with the aim of giving refuge to the women who are caught up by the police during Night patrolling. During the Short Stay period sisters give counseling and motivate them to lead a life with proper inspiration and goal. This helped the institution to have a networking relation with police station, women cell and helpline.

With the aim of individual enhancement and development, institution launched the Asha Kendra Counseling centre by the guidance of Sr. Sumam Payappilly. It follows an integrated approach while dealing with the clients. Now it extended the services to Hospitals and schools. Every Thursday sisters try to give counseling and assistance in Aluva Women Cell. Currently many hospitals and schools get the benefits from this Centre. It also focuses .on parents’ awareness classes and AA seminars and gatherings
It also provides;


Gov.t Womens’ Polytechnic Extension Centre

Recently, Suhruth Sadan has been approved as the extension centre of Govt. women Polytechnic. So it offers chances to both women and men in different free courses Like, candle making

People believe that widows are the neglected ones and they are not supposed to get involved in the social activities. Through continues assessment and evaluation the institution felt the need of empowerment of widows. In collaboration with the Sub institutions, Suhruth Sadan Formed different widow groups with the aim of uplifting their mental health and financial background. Currently there are 9 widow groups in various places like;
Academic Service

Suhruth Sadan has been providing academic services to students of various streams over the years. These students pursue disciplines like, Social Work, Nursing, Post Graduate Diploma in geriatric care and seek Suhruth Sadan to get community level exposure. As many as five colleges of social work send their students to this institution for field work on regular basis.


The centre undertakes developmental programmes like Housing, Water Resource Management, reproduction and Child Health, Job Placement, etc… in association with governmental, semi Governmental, other funding agencies, NGOs and Lions and Rotary Clubs. There are exposure programmes like Camps, Seminars, Retreats, Picnics, and Competitions for children as well as adults for their socio- cultural and spiritual welfare.


Association for Social Development,Suhruth Sadan(ASDSS) is the social work center run by the Sisters of Destitute ,St.Mary’s province. The centre is undertaking project for elders,differently abled,women,destitute,children and youth etc.ASDSS serves its services through the financial year of 2018-2019 to enhance,empower,enrich the beneficiaries.

Flood relief camp and related activities

With heavy rain lashing the district for over 24 hours continuously, many parts of Ernakulam have been flooded. The impact of the heavy rain and the resultant flooding was mostly felt in the eastern parts of the district. Flood waters marooned many houses and commercial establishments in Aluva. The rise in water level in Periyar had a major impact on the flood situation of the district; our nearby area is not expecting the flood and the related problems so many of the people are not ready for move out from the home.


  • We give information and warning from the Government to the people and about the flood for the rescue.
  • Actually the people affected in our areas are not expecting the floods so many of the people are not ready for move out from the home so we use police for forceful shifting of the local people.
  • Fire Force authority and the local volunteers were very helpful for shifting the families.
  • For the transportation we provide our Ambulance and other vehicles.
  • For the elderly people we provide special accommodation in our old age home.
  • We provide special care for the disabled people and provide better facility to the child in special rehabilitation.
  • We have a great collaboration with other religious institutions, other NGO, panchayaths authorities and local people.
  • Here 44 families, 162 people have sought shelter in our camp.


  • We start camp on 15/08/2018 and finished on 22/08/2018.

Services Provides

  • Food- The food items are the contribution from local people, as per the need we prepared breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and supper.
  • Shelter-According to the category of the people we provides shelter to them. In our camp the people are from different category. People who need special needs, Elderly, Differently abled, Children, Pregnant women, new born child and mother.
    • In the case of Elderly: We provide our Old age home for the good accommodation to them.
    • Differently abled: We provide special room and toilet for the differently abled. Kits were distributed to the needy families.The kit include dress, rice, pulses, utilities for the kitchen. The multidisciplinary team visited the affected areas and houses and provide both emotional and financial support.
    • New born child and Mother and pregnant women: We provides Special room for them.
  • Clothes: we provide both old and new clothes (all the items) to all the people who participate in the camp.
  • Medical Care: we ensure the availability of the doctor on all the camp days. We provide medicines according to the disease, we arranges a medical camp and Awareness class with the support of Primary Health Center. We distributed the preventive medicines.
  • Counseling: All most all the families lost their house and a massive destruction happened on the infrastructure. They can’t accept that all most all of them are in Trauma stage. We provide Consolation and Listening.
  • Spiritual care: we provide space for prayers.
  • Prevention: How ever people who have returned to their homes face the gigantic task of cleaning their houses as it is filled with slush along with different species of reptiles including with poisonous cobras. So we provides T T Injection and Doxycycline medicine.
  • Awareness: We give awareness about cleaning and what are the precautions want to take while clean the house.


Suhruth Sadan organize summer camp for the children in every year.Every year suhruth sadan arrange one week programme which include learning and exploration. The children from near by areas were gathered in suhruth sadan.In the year from 23 to 30 of April month suhruth sadan arrange summer camp which include personality development classes, awareness programme, motivational talks, recreational activities, outreach programmes, exposure visits, games, recreational actitvities, picnics etc.

NIRAVU-A Project for Elders

Suhruth Sadan taking initiative for the enhancement of elders under the project Niravu.The project have 9 ESHG groups with 102 members in different areas of choondy and chunangamvely.Different kind of physical,mental and social activities are arranged for the enhancement of elders.The ESHG groups were gathered in every week and they collect money as a saving.Suhruth sadan gave Rs.10000/-for each group for the income generation programme.All the members of ESHG gathered once in a month called federation meeting and update the monthly activities.

Total number of federation meeting in April 2018 to March 2019=9 ESHG group meetings=353.
21/05/18- Nipha virus awareness programme and loan mela
Nipha virus is a serious virus problem that affected in Kerala. Mrs.Geomol took class about the virus which include awareness and measures of precaution for nipha virus.
Formation of new ESHG group named St.Alphonsa
A new group named St.Alphonsa is formed.There are 12 active members in the group and they started banking,livelihood activities group gathering twice in a month(Monday)etc.

19/11/18- Health and Nutrition awareness programme
Herbal life company Aluva region arranged a class for the elders about health and nutrition. They promised to maintain health by taking proper nutrition and food habit.They offer health package programme for the elders to reduce sugar,over weight,and other health related problems.They checked Body Mass Index for the elders in terms of height and weight.

7/01/19- Picnic
Along with pakalveedu members Suhruth Sadan ESHG members participated in a one day picnic on 7/01/19.They visited kuzhupilly beach,Njarakal matsya fed .Watch malayalam movie named njn prakashan.Around 32 members and staff were participated in the picnic.

21/01/19- Pain and palliative awareness programme.
Department of pain and palliative from Rajagiri Hospital chunangamvely took awareness class for the elders about pain and palliative care.Multidisciplinary team from Rajagiri hospital including doctors,nurse and social worker taken diffrent topics about the palliative care and shown methods to car patients .52 members participated in the programme.

11/03/19-ARDSI memory detection camp and awareness programme
Alzhimers and Related Disorders of India(ARDSI) Centre in Ernakulam arranged an awareness class and memory detection camp for the elders.Two staff from ARDSI explained dementia and its care and also conducted memory detection camp for the elders.Around 50 elders are participated in the programme.


Santhwanam-education support programme is an educational fund distribution programme for the children whose parents are suffering HIV positive.In every 3 months suhruth sadan given Rs.900 and kit for 9 children.
1. 04/07/18-fund distribution
2. 7/09/18-fund and onam kit distribution
3. 28/12/18-fund and christmas gift distribution
4. 02/03/19 – fund distribution


Suhruth Sadan organize mega christmas programe for the elders,butterflies,santhwanam,pakalveedu members,destitutes in collaboration with Rotary centre for senior citizen rotary club.Film fame Sijoy Varghese is the chief guest of the programme.The programme coloured with Competitions,cultural events,Nattarivu Nadan pattu programes,band etc.

18/12/18 –Nakshathra Santhesha yathra
With the aim of give care to the oldages in our home and protect and express our love and wishes to the destitutes,suhruth sadan organize Nakshathra Santhesha Yathra in Aluva town which is also the proclamation for the Nakshathra Ravu. Nakshathra santhesha yathra included big canvas signing,skit,flashmob,and christmas message etc. Nakshathra Santhesha yathra covered 6 junctions and 4 institutions in Aluva muncipality.

20/12/18 – Nakshathra Ravu

Collaboration with Rotary centre for senior citizen,a mega christmas programme organized for the beneficiaries.The programmes include christmas competitions,cultural events, Nadan pattu programme etc. Cine artist Mr.Sijoy Varghese was the chief guest of the programme.Around 500 members were gathered.


The social work activities of convents under SD St.Mary’s province will published in the news bulletine named sauhrutham.It is released on every 6 months.
1.30/10/18- Edition 7
2.30/03/19- Edition 8

7/06/18-Environment day celebration
Every year June 5th celebrated as environment day.Along with pakalveedu members suhruth sadan organize environment day on 7/06/18.Suhruth sadan secretary Sr.Graisa and Mother House superior Sr.Josna along with pakalveedu Coordinator Sr.Mrudula inaugurate the day by planting a sappling.A training session for making carpet with waste saree is given to the pakalveedu members.

10/06/18-Computer and photoshop training programme
To improve the computer skill,suhruth sadan arranged photoshop and basic computer training for the sisters.Around 20 sisters were participated in the programme.

27/08/18-Institution day celebration and picnic
Feast day of St.Vincent De Paul celebrated as institution day of suhruth sadan.Official meeting and picnics are arranged as a part of the celebration.Staff from tailoring,social work and the community members are become the part of celebration.

21/10/18-AA Group formation
Suhruth sadan formed a group called AA with the aim of maintain the mental health of alchohol affected persons.The members gathered in every Sunday evening.Sr.Mrudula is animator of the AA group.

12/01/19-Silver Jubilee celebration
Suhruth Sadan celebrate the silver jubilee of president Sr.Sumam Payyapilly and the former secretary of suhruth Sadan Sr.Anisha SD.Official function,cultural programmes and tea party are part of programme.

8/03/19-Womens’ day celebration
As part of world womens’ day celebration,Suhruth Sadan celebrate womens’ day with the tailoring staff. Official function,Womens’ day motto formation are part of the programme.


Butterflies is a community based rehabilitation project for disabled widening its service areas in Ernakulam district.In the financial year 2018-2019 ASDSS able to organize,coordinate and achieve different activities for disabled. Networking and collaboration with local and government officials,stakeholders and institutions helps in utilizing resources. The organization directly benefited 55 children with disabilities in thier treatment and educational finance. Enabling environment programmes sensitize the society from the grass root level , the rights, roles and significance of the disabled.

With the financial support of CHAI -LF Suhruth Sadan received an amount of Rs.410673 for differently abled children. These funds were properly distributing into four domains: education, treatment,social and livelihood. Successfully, a grand total of fifty five beneficiaries were financially supported through the sponsorship of CHAI-LF.



A vocational training was conducted for children or youth with disabilities and their parents by Association for social development in collaboration with St.Augustine’s U.P.School,Thuravoor and Block Resource Center,Angamaly. Employment is an important ingredient for combating poverty and achieving inclusion for all people including people with disabilities. Employment increases self sufficiency, social connectedness and creates a sense of self worth and dignity for individuals. Vocational training therefore helps to reduce poverty and to empower persons with disabilities. 30 parents and their children attended the programme. The main objective of the programme was to teach a new method of income generation to the child or youth with disabilities and their parents. The vocational training was conducted on 21/11/2018 and 24/11/2018. Inauguration was done by Smt. Princy David-Principal S.A.U.P.S .Felicitation was given by Sr.Mrudula S.D.Resource person for the programme was Sr.Rosma S.D.-Vocational coordinator-ASDSS.Welcome speech was given by Sherin Joy-Project coordinator,ASDSS.Presidential address was given by Sri.Papachan,BPO-Angamaly BRC. During the training the members were taught to make pickles, salt items and snacks.


Association for Social Development Suhruth Sadan conducted a class regarding the disability, its prevention, signs and symptoms and prevention in the TASS hall,Aluva on 15/11/2019. The main aim of the programme is to create awareness among anganwadi teachers of this panchayat about the disabilities. 60 anganwadi teachers of Aluva ICDS attended the programme . Welcome speech was given by Ms. Sherin Joy-project coordinator Suhruth Sadan followed by felicitation is given by Sr.Graisa S.D .The class was taken by Sr.Lislet, senior nursing tutor, Samaritan hospital. She covered the topics about the disabilities, its signs and symptoms, early detection and prevention. The participants come up with doubts and the session was very interactive. The class ended with the thanks giving of Ms. Ann Therese- programme coordinator, Suhruth Sadan.


The income generation mela was conducted by Association for social development, Suhruth sadan on 25/11/2018 and 26/11/2018 at St. Augustine’s Church, Thuravoor .The mela was conducted in order to rise the fund generation in their group which also help them to increase the self worth and self confidence among them. The income generation mela focusing on a platform to perform their talents and to found a livelihood. The mela also aims to make them capable of earning their own living through some income generation activity. The profit which was gained by the mela was Rs 4000/-. The function was inaugurated by Rev.Fr. Joseph Kodiyan and the first sale was given to Mr.Varghese , panchayat president and the second sale was given to Mrs. Selvy Biju , vice president. The item which was sold in the mela was pickles, salt items and snacks which were made during the vocational training session.



Block Resource Center, Angamaly organized a magnificient disability meet for disabled children in the Aluva and Angamaly region, by collaborating with Association for Social Development -Suhruth Sadan and Sree Sankara Sanskrit University. The PO made a platform to raise the awareness of ‘leaves no one behind’ irrespective of their caste, creed, sex or disability etc.

The ability fest named ‘Kalopsia’ inaugurated with a grand inaugural ceremony on 2/12/2018,( UN disability day observance ) .The function blessed with the presence of invited guests and 200 butterflies, their parents, teachers etc.Games and cultural events were arranged to polish the talents of the children. The game session enjoyed by the butterflies with a spirit to promote the rights and well being of PWD in all spheres of society and to increase the awareness of situation of PWD in every aspect of political , economic and cultural life.

The fest provide a platform for the child, parents and caretakers to come together cherish and able the students to perform their talents on the stage. The butterflies were also gifted with individual kits and gifts. The Home Based Children were provided with a beautiful aquarium.



Association For Social Development, Suhruth Sadan conducted a class regarding the disability, signs, symptoms and prevention in the TASS hall,Aluva on 19/01/2018. The main aim of the programme is to create awareness among anganwadi teachers of this panchayat about the disabilities. 60 anganwadi teachers of Aluva ICDS attended the programme . Welcome speech was given by Ms. Sherin Joy- project coordinator Suhruth Sadan followed by felicitation is given by Sr.Graisa S.D .The class was taken by Sr.Lislet-senior nursing tutor, Samaritan hospital. She covered the topics about the disabilities, its signs and symptoms, early detection and prevention. The participants come up with doubts and the session was very interactive. The class ended with the thanks giving of Ms. Ann Therese-programme coordinator, Suhruth Sadan.



Butterflies widen its wings to fly. As a part of mega job fair for disabled youth, organized by Thirur government hospital P.M.R division, Varam organization and G-tech computer education. Six youth with disabilities were participated in the job fair and selected to the fields of billing and electronic spare parts sections etc.

The participants were from Aluva region and they are taken their skilled education from kripa center for vocational training, keezhmad.Varam organization proudly organizing those events for first time in India exclusively for the disabled. It’s their first venture with P.M.R division and they are planning to organize mega job fairs in the different localities of Kerala with P.M.R divisions of government hospitals.


Everyone loves a day out ,whether it is a trip to a nature park, a walk through the woods or to a museum in the city. For most people, this is a simple thing to do that doesn’t involve much planning other than looking in to the cost and location. However, there is much more planning involved ensuring an enjoyable day for the disabled.

A one day outing from the closed walls of disability to the freedom of abilities, care and support. Butterflies along with their family and friends enjoyed a day out in National Shrine Basilica of our Lady of Ransom, Vallarpadam. They shared love and food along with grandpas and grandmas in Good hope settlement, Fort Kochi and the most awaited moments of happiness in the seashore, Fort Kochi beach. Maritime museum in Kochi is an ode to the glorious past of Indian Navy. The team visits the museum with the love towards the nation and patriotism.

The outing was a memorable day with the first experience of seashore and touching the waves for the first time. The smile and excitement in the faces of butterflies in wheel chair filled the hearts of family and the other travelers.

The Fort Kochi beach had a disabled friendly pavement for easy access of wheel chairs. As like any visitors the butterflies also use the pavement, the inclusive society the equal rights for all citizens. Different emotions were seen in the faces of other visitors - sympathy, care, empathy, excitement, smile, and shock and love flashes in the eyes. Some of them want to take photos with them, just some chit chats, sharing love etc.The team including 25 members of Butterflies, their parents and staff had a memorable day with lots of love, fun and excitements.


In collaboration with Catholic Health Association Of India And Lilliane Fonds, Association For Social Development, Suhruth Sadan organised a campaign called We Ring The Bell in Joe Mount public school, to promote inclusive education in the present society on 20/2/19.

The main message of the campaign was to raise a slogan “All children are welcome to our school”. The campaign was to include children with disabilities to educational system and this campaign will compliment the government’s flagship programme-Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, to achieve its goal of education for all and RTE Act in 2009.

In the campaign, Indian mouth and foot painting artist Ms.Jilumol delivered a motivational talk to the audience. Sr.Graisa-Suhruth Sadan secretary introduced inclusive education and we ring the bell campaign to the students. The presidential address was delivered by Sr.Reesa SD-provincial superior, St Mary’s province. The official ending of the programme undergone with the thanks giving of Ann Therese Francis. Student representatives made a one minute noise in the daze using horn in tribute to the campaign. 800 students and teachers participated in the campaign. Teachers and other staff were signed in the signing manifesto.


In collaboration with catholic association of India and Lilliane Fonds, association for social development, Suhruth Sadan organised a campaign called We Ring The Bell in government U.P. school keezhmad on 21/02/2019. The main message of the campaign was to raise a slogan ‘All children are welcome to our school’. The campaign is to include children with disabilities to educational system and this campaign will compliment the flagship programme- Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and to achieve its goal of education for all and RTE act in 2009.

In the campaign welcome address was given by Ann Therese-programme coordinator. The campaign was introduced to the audience by Sr.Graisa SD-Suhruth Sadan secretary. The oath taking was sounded by Sherin joy-project coordinator. 400 people participated in the campaign.



2018-19 Fund distribution named THANAL for the direct child development in the areas of health and education was distributed to 55 Children with disabilities. The amount 2,92,159 funded by CHAI-LF were distributed to child/youth with disability, for their direct development, for the financial assistance.

If there is a disabled child in a family out of 10, 6 of them from a BPL family. The parents were struggling to bring up their child with disability. It’s a fact that some of them are fed up with this. Most of the parents providing the whole life love, care, support, time, health all to the child development. And the child or youth with disability are the solid evidence for providing love, care and the appropriate educational, health, treatment; therapy support will improve them to a better ability.

P.O thus providing a greater financial assistance for the family to curtail the financial burden for an extent to the appropriate child. Therapy sessions were very costly and any of the parents were not able to let their child to attend the regular camp therapy sessions. The education cost including their TA and other utensils were not affordable for the poor family. Thus the child may pull out from the studies.

Hence the P.O has a significant role in assisting, mediating, and channelizing the appropriate financial and other means of resources to the child/youth development. For treatment 33 children were supported, and 22 were supported for education purposes. The fund distribution programme was named as ‘Thanal’ which means a shadow or a hand in the midst of the pool of struggles. Parents of 55 children were invited for the function.

The official programme was held on March 2nd 2019 11 am at ASDSS. The fund distribution was officially inaugurated by handovering cheque of Rs.9500 to Jibin Johnson for his frequent hospitalization treatment by Dr.Jishamary, a gifted doctor as well as a human being, who knows not only the physical pulse but also the emotional pulse. In the presence of the secretary of the institution.

An amazing, heart touching, ventilating class led by Dr.Jishamary. And it made the parents to cry for their proud of being the father\mother of a disabled. In the experience sharing session they were not able to complete their words because of love identified towards their child.

Sr.Mrudula, elder’s programme coordinator facilitated the audience. The experience sharing session ventilated so many feelings and emotions among the same group of parents. They know each other, their strength and weakness etc. The programme was ended with the thanks giving of Sherin Joy, Project coordinator and fund distribution along with the kit of some dresses and delicious lunch.


Association for social development in association with Catholic Health Association Of India, Lilliane Fonds and St. Joseph’s school, Chunangamveli cordially conducted the campaign on 13/03/2019. The concept inclusive education is to promote equality between abled and disabled children and to bring the right for disabled to study along with the abled children. The campaign was supported by the school principal Sr.Litty maria and social work counselor Sr.Sumam , they inaugurated the campaign by signing the signature collection in respect to support inclusive education in the society. The felicitation was given by keezhmad village president K.A. Ramesh and welfare standing committee chairperson Pauly Johney, the pledge was sounded by the respective person for the students. Pupils welcomed the campaign with sounding the bells and waving the ribbons. Jeffin , a man who was born in the cradle of disability delivered an inspiring speech on the influence of friends in his life to the audience. The pupils get familiarized with Association for Social Development,Suhruth Sadan and butterflies project through sherin joy,Project coordinator. Secretary Sr.Graisa SD introduced about the campaign. The official ending of the programme was under gone with the thanksgiving of programme coordinator, Ann Therese Francis. 12000 people participated in the programme.


The programme was organised for Kudumbasree CDS& ADS members of Keezhmad panchayat in anganwadi no:46 on 30/3/2019 by Association For Social Development,Suhruth Sadan. The programme was intended to bring focus on the aspect of prevention, early detection and intervention with the grass root level works.

The audiences including Kudumbashree members were highly enthusiastic in listening class and asking doubts. Sr.Lislet S.D. (senior nursing tutor, Samaritan hospital, Pazhaganad) was efficiently handling the task of imparting the concepts, theories and ideas of preventing, detecting and doing interventions in the field of disability. The class was for 2:30 hours. The class covered the concepts of developmental milestones, preventing and detecting measures and interventions needed to reduce the disability.

According to WHO, 70% of disabilities can be prevented if proper care is taken during pregnancy, infancy and early childhood. The participants were also agreed to refer the child in need/ detecting disability as soon as possible.


Association for Social Development -Suhruth Sadan had organised an awareness class regarding the importance of immunization and vaccination in anganwadi no: 58 in Edathala Panchayat on 21/03/2019. The class was for the parents of children in anganwadi and was organised for 1 hour. There were 25 parents attended the session and lighten up their knowledge. The class was took by Ms.Mariya ,Bsc. Nurse from NIMHANS,Banglore and currently doing her Masters in social work.

The class was regarding the importance of immunization, its side effects and the life periods in which an individual should receive immunization .Awareness regarding the vaccination to pregnant women was also given in order to avoid the complications during pregnancy. Support and cooperation from the teacher also helped to make the programme successful. The side effects of immunization and the preliminary steps that should be taken if any side effects were caused and its remedies also taught to the members.

The participants came forward with doubts and this made the session more interactive. There were 25 participants to attend the class and their curiosity and active listening were appreciable. The interactive session was filled with doubts and queries. The participants were also curious to know more about the topic. And this made the class a big success.


Association for Social Development, Suhruth Sadan, Chunangamvely had organised a class regarding the importance of immunization in anganwadi no: 15 in Keezhmadu Panchayat on 07/03/2019. The class was organised for the parents of the children in anganwadi for 1 hour. They cooperated well to make the class successful. Charts were prepared regarding immunization to make the session more interactive and attractive.

The class was regarding the immunization, its importance, side effects and also the time period with which a person should receive vaccination. The awareness regarding what happens if a person doesn’t receive vaccination and also taught about the preliminary actions to be taken if any side effects arise. The participants come up with doubts and made the session more interactive. A picture of a child receiving vaccination was shown to the members in order to give appropriate headlines. The visual presentation was more attractive and helps to impart the message. For the headline competition the parents were recollect about the ideas of the session and contribute for the same. All the members had a nice contribution to the task given and all of them came forward with attractive quotes. There were 20 participants to attend the class and each one of them had an active participation and also cleared doubts regarding immunization.


Association for Social Development, Suhruth Sadan organised a class in Rotary Canter for Senior Citizens (RCSC) on 27/03/2019. The class was regarding the importance of immunization. There were 55 participants in Pakalveedu to attend the class. The session was taken by Ms. Mariya , Bsc Nurse from NIMHANS and currently doing Masters in Social Work.The class was organised for elderly people so that they can transfer the valuable information to their family members. And in the current scenario the grand children were reared by the grandparents mostly. So they have to know the updated vaccines and immunization methods for the growth of the child appropriately.

The class was regarding the immunization, its importance, the diseases that occur if immunization is not taken at appropriate time; the side effects of immunization, the need of vaccination during pregnancy and the immunization schedule were also explained. The leaflet which explains the immunization which should be given at different periods of life such as for the pregnant mothers, to the infants and to the children was also distributed to them. Leaflets were provided so that it will be helpful for the family members to know more detail about immunization and the time of immunization. The chances of side effects and steps which should be taken in case if any arises were also explained to the participants , they were eager to know more about the immunization and also asked many doubts. Some of them talk about the children in their home.The class was for 1 hour and active participation were also seen from the participants.


Vocational training was conducted for the disabled especially for the wheel chair bound organized by ASDSS in association with Handicrops limited with the main objective of the upliftment of the differently abled people as a part of Butterflies project. And it is the India’s first company registered by and for disabled.

First time in India, a company has been set up with the core objective of supporting differently abled artisans, by differently abled person. It is an organization run by the differently abled with the help of the public to encourage self employment. It assists the people with disabilities and their families individually and in groups and it help them to access skill development programmes, financial and material resources. 20 wheel chair dependent people from different part of Aluva Muncipality took part in the programme. The training programme started by 10 am with the inaugural function. Sr Graisa S.D (secretary,ASDS) welcome the gathering, The function was inaugurated by Fr. Jacob Menachery-vocational coordinator, Kripa Special school. And Jilson Joseph gave a detailed information regarding the Handi Crops Team. Felicitation was given by Sr.Mrudula S.D. Master Jeffin Ittichan shared his experience to the audience. He is also a disabled person using wheel chair who was forced to stop his academics in 9th class. Now he is engaged in making umbrella and lottery business, he is also building a new house on his own which clearly shows that he is a hardworking person and defeated the disability with his strong mental capacity and hard work. Training session was given by Mr.Jilson Joeph, Handi Crops Team. The training was to make eco-friendly paper bag, pen with seed and thus make them capable to earn their own living. The programme was winded up by the thanks giving by Butterflies project coordinator Ms Sherin Joy.


DPG is a group for disabled people made for the welfare of those people. It is a group functioning under the Association for social development, Suhruth Sadan. The main aim of the group is to meet the needs of the disabled people, to make them aware about their rights. To enhance social functioning. The DPG group was formed in several areas of aluva,angamaly region .Nearly 60 members were participated in the programme. It was a platform for the members to interact with each other and to express their ideas. Welcome speech was given by Ms. Sherin Joy, project coordinator, Suhruth Sadan. Felicitation was given by Sr.GraisaS.D , the importance of the group, the activities done in the group , how the group help the members to attain their rights were also explained to the members. The class was taken by Sri Papachan ,BPO, BRC. Data colletion was done from the members regarding their allowance. Information was also provided for those members who are unaware of their rights. President, secretary and treasurer was also selected during the group formation. The group was given the names. Vote of thanks was given by Ms Ann Therese, programme coordinator ,Suhruth Sadan.Family kits were distributed to the memebers which includes rice,pulses,wheat and other cleaning materials.

Thuravoor center – 23/2/19
Karukkutty center – 26/2/19
Angamaly center – 28/2/19
Aluva center -18/11/18
Malayattor center -5/10/18


Our social institutions provide utmost care and support for the needy and abandoned.Through our care homes in different areas of Kerala , safe shelter for the elderly,mentaly ill and physically disabled,terminally ill were possible. Association for Social Development-Suhruth Sadan coordinated the administration of the institutions and programmes for the enhancement of inmates health in all levels of physical,mental,spiritual and social .Counselling sessions,socialization &out reach activities,recreational activities were organized frequently.The files and registrations which are mandatory for the mangament and ownership for the institutions were done time boundly.ASDSS provide frequent training and orientation sessions to the staff .And there is monthly evaluation and monitoring,which will refresh thier knowldge and professionalism.Out of 14 social institutions 4 Psychiatric rehabilitation centers were runing and the psychiatric social workers along with other multidicilinary staff enganing the in the activities of the upliftment of the mentally ill.7 old age homes ,2 terminally ill and 1 home for the physicallly disabled were visited and done coordination works .


The students from various colleges of social work,psychology and bussiness management seek their concurrent and block placeemt from ASDSS. The training and exposure from the supervisiors makes the trainees to be more professional and a good citizen for the nation.


In association with health care center,Hydrabad RCSC organized an Aqua pressure & fujok therapy for one week . 130 members were participated in the camp for improving thier physical health.