Geriatic Care

In collaboration with Help Age India, Suhruth Sadan helps 500 old age people in their holistic development. It helps the elderly to be more happy and blissful in their autumn years. Also it has formed 13 ESHGs in Chunangamveli and 7 Groups in Thammanam. As Geriatric care and support it also provides;

From the very beginning Suhruth Sadan has paid special attention to the elderly people. The centre has formed senior citizens’ clubs in almost all the sub centers. Suhruth Sadan stretches its hands meaningfully to many poor and destitute elders through sponsor- A – Granny Programme.

In collaboration with CHAI (Catholic Health Association of India) gets the assistance of Lillian foundation to assist the physically challenged persons for their treatment, study and self employment. Currently 150 beneficiaries get its assistance through Suhruth Sadan.
Souhruda sparsham

The Children of HIV affected parents who are fully exempted from the HIV virus gets financial assistance for their educational purposes. Altogether 55 students get the benefits from 4 Districts. This project runs only through the benevolent contribution of local people.



Old age is known as the returning to the childhood. People like to be more happy and relaxed in their old age days with their family members and friends but situations intervene in their lives. In collaboration with Rotary club the institution has taken the initiative of Geriatric Park. In the history of Kerala it is a first pioneering step to start a park for old age people. The institution plays a vital role in the planning and implementation stages of the park. It also provides the services like;

One of the main objectives of Suhruth Sadan is the upliftment of the uneducated girls who are economically behind. Thus the centre provides different types of training programmes for adolescent Girls Like;

In search of new ministries of destituteness, in collaboration with aluva Police station and women cell and helpline started Night shelter with the aim of giving refuge to the women who are caught up by the police during Night patrolling. During the Short Stay period sisters give counseling and motivate them to lead a life with proper inspiration and goal. This helped the institution to have a networking relation with police station, women cell and helpline.

With the aim of individual enhancement and development, institution launched the Asha Kendra Counseling centre by the guidance of Sr. Sumam Payappilly. It follows an integrated approach while dealing with the clients. Now it extended the services to Hospitals and schools. Every Thursday sisters try to give counseling and assistance in Aluva Women Cell. Currently many hospitals and schools get the benefits from this Centre. It also focuses .on parents’ awareness classes and AA seminars and gatherings
It also provides;


Gov.t Womens’ Polytechnic Extension Centre

Recently, Suhruth Sadan has been approved as the extension centre of Govt. women Polytechnic. So it offers chances to both women and men in different free courses Like, candle making

People believe that widows are the neglected ones and they are not supposed to get involved in the social activities. Through continues assessment and evaluation the institution felt the need of empowerment of widows. In collaboration with the Sub institutions, Suhruth Sadan Formed different widow groups with the aim of uplifting their mental health and financial background. Currently there are 9 widow groups in various places like;
Academic Service

Suhruth Sadan has been providing academic services to students of various streams over the years. These students pursue disciplines like, Social Work, Nursing, Post Graduate Diploma in geriatric care and seek Suhruth Sadan to get community level exposure. As many as five colleges of social work send their students to this institution for field work on regular basis.


The centre undertakes developmental programmes like Housing, Water Resource Management, reproduction and Child Health, Job Placement, etc… in association with governmental, semi Governmental, other funding agencies, NGOs and Lions and Rotary Clubs. There are exposure programmes like Camps, Seminars, Retreats, Picnics, and Competitions for children as well as adults for their socio- cultural and spiritual welfare.